Handcrafted Jewelry using 14K Gold - Silver - Copper - Precious & Semi-Precious Stones 

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Peridot Garnet & Citrine Ring

R1325-ss 14k-yg Peridot Garnet - Citrine $448.00

Tourmaline & Diamond Ring

R1324-ss 14k Gold Reticulated Silver Tourmaline & Diamond $995.00

MOP Slate & Gemstone Ring

R1317-ss MOP & Slate Peridot - Garnet .20pt Diamond $850.00

Distressed Copper & Amethyst Ring

R1170-ss Distressed Copper Amethyst .03pt Diamond $350.00

14k Gold Heat Scarred Copper Pendant

N0147-14k-yg MOP & Peridot Heat Scarred Copper $1,500.00

Garnet Cabochon Ring

R1019-ss 14k-yg Garnet Cabochons $300.00

Distressed Copper Paua Shell Ring

R1159-ss 14k-yg Distressed Copper Paua Shell .15pt Diamond $730.00

14k Gold & TurquoisePendant

N0146-ss 14k-yg Reticulated Silver Turquoise .33pt Diamond $1,095.00

Swarovski Pearls Earrings

E0351-ss Swarovski Pearls 120.00

Copper with Swarovski Crystals

E0353 14k GF Copper Swarovski Crystal Fresh Water Pearls $140.00

Swarovski Pearl Pendant

N0110-ss 8mm - 6mm Swarovski Pearls $95.00

Fresh Water Pearls Earrings

E0352-14k-gf 14k GF Brass Fresh Water Pearls $90.00

Sterling Silver & Copper Bracelet

C2019-ss Sterling Silver & Copper Bracelet $450.00

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