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Taxco Onyx Bracelet

041338-ss-tx Onyx Bracelet Taxco $889.00

Taxco Pre 1948 Pendant

041317-tx-ss Taxco Pendant Pre 1948 Lab Alexandrite $539.00

Taxco Mexico Amethyst Bracelet

082019-ss-mx Taxco Calla Lily Leaf Amethyst Bracelet $725.00

Miguel Garcia Martinez Bracelet

082002-ss-mx Miguel Garcia Martinez Taxco 1950s Abalone Link Bracelet $865.00

Carved Green Onyx Bracelet

120103-tx-ss Taxco Bracelet Carved Green Onyx $265.00

Large Oval Concho Earrings

120112-tx-ss Taxco Earrings Large Oval Concho $295.00

Taxco Modernist Earrings

120106-tx-ss Taxco Modernist Spiral/Swirl Earrings $169.00

Orvelo Eagle 3 Bracelet

120110-tx-ss Taxco Orvelo Eagle 3 1960s Bracelet LC Ruby $969.00

Taxco Modernist Ring

120107-tx-ss Taxco Modernist Sprial/Swirl Ring $189.00

Taxco Dragonfly Pin or Pendant

120108-tx-ss Taxco Dragonfly Pin or Pendant $389.00

Puzzle Necklace

120104-tx-ss Taxco Puzzle Choker Style Neklace $985.00

Taxco Picture Jasper Pin

120105-tx-ss Taxco Jasper Large Picture Jasper $238.00

Dragonfly Amethyst & Garnet Pin

120109-tx-ss Taxco Dragonfly Pin Amethyst & Garnet $595.00

Onyx & Abalone Bracelet

120111-tx-ss Taxco APD Onyx & Abalone Shell Flower Bracelet $455.00

Taxco Mexico Abalone Bracelet

072825-mx-ss Taxco Mexico Abalone Shell Cuff Hinged *Come in for special price*

Margot De Taxco Bracelet

072829-mx-ss Taxco Mexico Margot De Taxco Bracelet Cuff *come in for special price*

Taxco Mexico Bracelet Cuff

072830-mx-ss Taxco Mexico Roberto Ballesteros TB-17 RB $1,245.00

Rodriguez Estrada Cuff Bracelet

072824-mx-ss Taxco Mexico Fish Cuff Bracelet RAE TR-30 Rodriguez Estrada $425.00

Taxco Mexico Turquoise Amethyst Bracelet

092208-ss-mx Taxco Turquoise Amethyst Bracelet $746.00

Mexico Sliver Abalone Bracelet

072816-mx-ss Mexico Abalone Bracelet La Ranchita CGB Cuernavaca $245.00


072826-mx-ss Mexico Turquoise Inlay Bracelet *Come in for special price*

XL Taxco Cross

092201-ss-mx Taxco XL Cross $245.00

Taxco Ballesteros Sea Shell Pendant

092205-ss-mx Taxco Ballesteros Sea Shell Pendant $145.00

Petrified Wood & Opal Pendant

092203-ss-sw XL Petrified Wood Pendant w/Opal $975.00

Scorpion Bracelet Taxco

082025-ss-mx Scorpion Bracelet Taxco

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