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15" Herringbone Necklace

091515-14k-yg 15" Herringbone 14k Yellow Gold Necklace $1,459.00

5.21ct Tourmaline Pendulum Pendant

93076-14k-yg 5.21ct Tourmaline Trillion with .34ct & 03ct Diamonds Exclusive design, this pendulum pendant can be worn two ways. $4,681.00

3.22 Amethyst .20ctw Diamond

020318-14k-wg 3.22ct Amethyst .20ctw Diamond Pendant $1,675.00

1.50ctw Diamond V Necklace

111209-14k-yg 1.50ctw Diamond V Necklace $7,869.00

.60ctw Sapphires .30ctw Diamonds Slide

111210-18k-yg .60ctw Sapphires .30ctw Diamonds 18k Gold Slide $3,200.00 Omega Sold Separately

31.1gr 24" Rope Chain Necklace

111208-14k-yg 31.1gr 24" Rope Chain Necklace $4,965.00

1.50ct Moissanite Diamond Halo

042124-14k-wg 1.50ct Moissanite Diamond Halo $2,798.00

16" Omega - Wide

111206-14k-yg 16" Omega Wide Chain Necklace $6,380.00

.50ct Old Mine Cut Diamond Garnet

111710-14k-rg .50ct Old Mine Cut Diamond Garnet Pendant $3,600.00

Swiss Blue Topaz Pendant

091511-14k-yg Swiss Blue Topaz Pendant Only $425.00

17" Semi-Rigid Omega

111204-14k-yg Semi-Rigid Omega 17" Chain Necklace $3,225.00

35.7ct Ametrine Pendant

111212-14k-yg 35.7ct Ametrine Pendant $3,795.00

Chihuahua Pendant 14k Yellow Gold

111715-14k-yg 14kt Yellow Gold Chihuahua Pendant $375.00

16" Flat S Chain

111211-14k-yg 16" Flat S Chain $1,250.00

2ctw Diamond Enhancer/Pendant

2ctw Diamond Enhancer or Pendant $4,998.00

Black & White Banded

091513-14k-yg Black & White Onyx Heart Pendant $459.00

Uniquely Designed Citrine Pendant

71032-14k-yg Round Faceted Citrine Uniquely designed to move freely inside 14k yellow gold circle. call for price

18" Omega Thick Chain Necklace

111207-14k-yg 18" Omega - Thick Chain Necklace $4,799.00

.50ctw Diamond Bee Pendant

111711-14k-yg .50ctw Diamond Bee Ruby Eyes $2,199.00

2.05ct Emerald Pendant

041206-14k-yg 2.05ct Emerald Pendant $4,295.00

16" Omega Chain

111205-14k-yg 16" Omega Slender Chain $820.00

14x12mm Citrine .50ctw Diamonds

20419-14k-yg 14x12mm Citrine with .50ctw Diamond Bale $1,695.00

.25ct Diamond Heart Pendant

111222-14k-wg .25ct Diamond Heart Pendant $1,447.00

16" Diamond Cut Mesh Chain

111203-14k-yg Diamond Cut Mesh 16" Chain Necklace $2,865.00

18" - 18k Gold Snake Chain

111202-18k-yg 18k Yellow Gold 18" Snake Chain $1,900.00

Amethyst Pearl Enhancer

020203-14k-yg Faceted Oval Amethyst Pearl Enhancer $1,190.00

14k Rose Yellow White Gold Chain

111201-14k-tt Tri-Color 18" Chain 14k Rose Yellow White $1,287.00

1ctw Diamond Cross Pendant

031015-14k-yg .50ctw Diamond Cross Pendant $1,425.00

Mabe Pearl Diamond Pendant

110509-14k-rg Mabe Pearl Diamond Pendant 14kt Rose Gold $455.00

18x15mm Aquamarine with Sapphire

022427-14k-wg 18x15mm Custom Aquamarine with Sapphires $12,500.00

1ctw Diamond Heart Pendant

033142-14k-yg 1ctw Diamond Heart Pendant $1,685.00

14k Rose Gold Diamond Chihuahua

111713-14k-rg 14kt Rose Gold Chihuahua Pendant $475.00

London Blue Topaz & Diamond

70647-14k-wg London Blue Topaz & Diamond Pendant $1,975.00

Custom Opal & Citrine Pendant

81353-14k-yg Custom Opal & Citrine Flower with Leaves $1,390.00

Swiss Blue Topaz 1.25ctw Diamonds

30356-14k-yg Swiss Blue Topaz Enhancer/Pendant with 1.25ctw Diamonds $5,299.00

1ctw Diamond Heart Pendant

033141-14k-yg 1ctw Diamond Heart Pendant $1,299.00

1.61ct Aquamarine Oval

022420-14k-yg 1.61ctw Aquamarine Oval $985.00

3.55ct Aquamarine Oval

022419-14k-wg 3.55ctw Aquamarine Oval Shape $1,379.00

Black Opal Pendant

58884-14k-yg Black Opal Pendant $899.00

Owl Pendant with Garnet

927813-14k-yg Owl Pendant with Garnet Eyes $999.00

3.07 Amethyst Diamond Pendant

020316-14k-wg 3.07ct Amethyst & Diamond Antique Watch Case Pendant $2,800.00

20x15mm Swiss Blue Topaz

25358-14k-wg 20x15mm Swiss Blue Topaz Pendant $1,799.00

Ceylon Sapphires

344867-14k-wg Ceylon Sapphires $2,814.00

15mm Pink Sapphire Ceylon Sapphires

01111-14k-wg 15mm Pink Sapphire Ceylon Sapphire Halo $3,750.00

8.48ct Morganite Pendant

71260-14k-wg 8.48ct Morganite $6,820.00

Amethyst Pendant

12574-14k-yg Amethyst Pendant $1,095.00

Leopard 1.01ctw Diamonds

41727-14k-yg Custom Leopard 1.01ctw Colored Diamonds Smokey Quartz $6,240.00

Jelly Opal with Pink Diamond Halo

14551-14k-yg Jelly Opal .50ct Pink Diamond Halo $1,878.00

Large Mariner's Cross With Diamonds

32949-14k-yg Large Mariner's Cross Diamonds $899.00

Rhodolite Garnet Diamond Accents

22108-14k-wg Rhodolite Garnet Diamonds $289.00

Faceted Oval Amethyst

11367-14k-yg Faceted Oval Amethyst $790.00

Star of David with Eilat Stone

20527-14k-wg Star of David Gem of Solomon Eilat Stone $899.00

Tanzanite Cross

32824-14kyg Tanzanite Cross 1.5" Long $379.00

Amethyst Cross Pendant

32601-14k-yg Cross with Amethyst $199.00

Sapphire & Diamond Cross

33629-14k-yg Sapphire Diamond Cross $269.00

Zircon Cross Pendant

32302-14k-yg Cross with Zircon $329.00

14k Gold Cross Pendant

32636-14k-yg Cross $149.00

Bethlehem Star Cross Pendant

32430-14k-yg Bethlehem Star Cross $489.00

Emerald & Diamonds Cross

32201-14k-yg Emerald & Diamonds Branch Textured $269.00

Chryoprase & Diamond Cross

33351-14k-wg Chrysoprase Diamond $429.00

Diamond Cross 1.5" Long

33128-14k-wg Diamond Cross 1.5" Long $599.00

Carved Cross Pendant

24557-10k-tt Carved Two-Toned Gold Cross $69.00

Wave Pendant - Customizable

58844-14k-yg Wave Pendant Diamonds & Colored Gemstones call for price

1.85ct Touramline Diamond

217501-14k-yg 1.85ct Tourmaline Diamond $2,849.00

32.51ct Smokey Quartz Pendant

111712-14k-yg 32.51ct Smokey Quartz $1,675.00

2.12ct Fire Opal with Diamond

96401-14k-yg 2.12ct Fire Opal Diamond Accent $1,893.00

Purple Sapphire & Diamonds

42956-14kt-wg Purple Sapphire & Diamond $3,089.00

Genuine Opal 75ctw Diamonds

20413-14k-wg Genuine Opal .75ctw Diamond Halo $2,685.00

.50ctw Diamond Snowflake Pendant

71828-14k-wg .50ctw Diamond Snowflake Pendant $1,495.00

Pear Cut Pink Tourmaline Pendant

23652-14k-yg 13x10mm Pink Tourmaline $1,875.00

Prasiolite Pendant & Earrings

81748-14k-yg Faceted Prasiolite Pendant & Earrings Set $759.00

18" 3-Strand Cultured Pearls

92832-14k-yg Cultured Pearl Necklace 3-strands 18" $799.00

Faceted Oval Peridot Pendant

13118-14k-yg Faceted Oval Peridot $899.00

.10ct Ruby & .10ctw Diamond Slide

12228-14k-yg .10ct Natural Ruby .10ctw Diamond Slide $499.00

Triplet Opal Pendant

61501-14k-wg Triplet Opal $695.00

Diamond Pave Heart with Sapphires

11254-14k-yg Diamond Pave Heart Adorned with Sapphires $435.00

Retro Revival Leaf Pendant Turquoise

14052-14k-gg Retro Revival Leaf Pendant Turquoise Cabochon $299.00 Ring Sold Separately

Garnet Pendant & Earrings Set

25406-14k-yg Garnet Pendant & Earrings Set $599.00

Circle Pendant with Diamonds

22730-14k-wg Circle Pendant with Diamonds $749.00

Garnet Faceted

07439-14k-yg Garnet Faceted call for price

Checkerboard Pear Cut Amethyst

43044-14l-yg Checkerboard Pear Cut Amethyst Pendant $629.00

Aventurine .50ctw Diamond Pendant

43711-14k-yg Aventurine .50ctw Diamonds $2,650.00

Tourmaline Pendant Diamond Accent

22828-14k-yg Tourmaline Pendant Diamond Accent $2,325.00

1.50ctw Diamond Choker

34649-14k-yg 1.50ctw Diamond Graduated Choker $3,100.00

Reverse Hand Carved Amber

11559-14k-yg Reverse Hand Carved Amber Pendant $2,394.00 Antique in New Setting

Carnelian Pendant

24140-14k-yg Large Carnelian Pendant $649.00

Sapphire & Diamond Heart Pendant

25605-14k-yg Sapphire & Diamond Heart Pendant $269.00

Cultured Pearls with Diamonds

23456-14k-yg Cultured Pearls Diamond Accents $465.00

Modernist Ruby Pendant

23110-14k-yg Modernist Ruby Pendant $275.00

Briolette Garnet Pendant

20847-14k-wg Briolette Garnet $329.00

January Birth Flower - Snowdrop

240205-14k-yg January Birth Flower with Garnet $289.00 Snowdrop Flower

February Birth Flower - Primrose

285006-14k-yg February Birth Flower with Amethyst $319.00 Primrose Flower

March Birth Flower - Daffodil

286590-14k-yg March Birth Flower with Aquamarine $279.00 Daffodil Flower

April Birth Flower - Daisy

307862-14k-yg April Birth Flower with Diamond Pendant $269.00 Daisy Flower

May Birth Flower - Lily of Valley

258109-14k-yg May Birth Flower with Emerald Pendant $259.00 Lily of the Valley Flower

June Birth Flower - Honeysuckle

275851-14k-yg June Birth Flower with Alexandrite $289.00 Honeysuckle Flower

July Birth Flower - Waterlily

272326-14k-yg July Birth Flower with Ruby $269.00 Waterlily Flower

August Birth Flower - Poppy

279533-14k-yg August Birth Flower with Peridot Pendant $ 279.00 Poppy Flower

September Birth Flower Morning Glory

320505-14k-yg September Birth Flower with Sapphire Pendant $269.00 Morning Glory Flower

October Birth Flower - Bittersweet

285402-14k-yg October Birth Flower with Pink Tourmaline Pendant $299.00 Bittersweet Flower

November Birth Flower Chrysanthemum

269905-14k-yg November Birth Flower with Citrine Pendant $279.00 Chrysanthemum Flower

December Birth Flower - Holly

294046-14k-yg December Birth Flower with Blue Zircon Pendant $239.00 Holly

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