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The pieces in our collection come from trusted sources in the American Southwest. Exceptional turquoise mined in American mines. Museum quality jewelry designed and handcrafted by the finest contemporary Native American artists and silversmiths. Our collection includes some of the finest historical pieces made by the ancestors of today's Native American artisans.

Turquoise is not only one of the world’s most ancient gemstones, it is one of December's birthstones.


Navajo artisans are known for using heavier gauge silver, large stones often set within a bezel and stunning stamp work or designs created through ‘Tufa’ or Sandstone casting. Zuni artisans are known primarily for their intricate stonework and lapidary skills. The main styles of Zuni jewelry incude clusterwork, needlepoint, petit point and inlay. Hopi artisans feature detailed cultural symbols using the overlay process. Santo Domingo Pueblo artisans are known primarily for heishe or heishi necklaces.

We sell Sunshine Polishing cloths for cleaning sterling silver jewelry.

We're open every week:

Tuesday thru Saturday 10am - 4pm

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