Rod Stelter Jeweler has been making, repairing and restoring fine jewelry and watches for over 35 years and serving Benbrook over  17 years . We are a full-service jewelry shop specializing in new, first-quality fine gold jewelry. Our original designs are handcrafted in our shop by our team of expert jewelers. We are experienced in repairs and restorations for Native American sterling silver and turquoise jewelry. Heirloom and antique jewelry restoration is one of our passions. Our certified staff can also clean, repair and service your quartz or mechanical watches, and pocket watches. We are certified in Rolex, Ebel and other high grade watches.

Rod Stelter

After 30 years in the accounting field, Rod retired in 1999.  Prior to his retirement, Rod did hobby jewelry making, lost wax casting and repairs in his garage workshop.  After retirement he studied under Master Jewelers including Charles Richardson, Mike Yarborough, and James Dolan. Rod also became a certified Watchmaker after working side by side with Dan Gendron, a well known Horologist in New Mexico.  There Rod became high-grade certified and services all watches including Rolex, Ebel, Movado, Elgin as well as all other brands and types of watches. Rod opened his first retail jewelry store in Southern Mississippi in 2001.  In 2005, Hurricane Katrina destroyed not only his jewelry store but also his home on the beach of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Six months later he regrouped, retooled and opened a location in Arlington, Texas.  Shortly thereafter, he moved his operation to Benbrook, Texas.

Tony Elvington

Tony is an artist, certified jeweler and retired jewelry store owner. His stylistic, unique jewelry is featured at several galleries throughout the United States. We're fortunate to have many of his artistic pieces for sale in our jewelry store. Tony also does much of our silver creations, as well as silver and gold repair. Tony has been with us since 2013.

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N0146 SS, 14Kt, Reticulated Silver, Touq
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