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We design and create new, first quality jewelry using the finest gemstones and precious metals. Over 90% of our jewelry is designed and handcrafted in our workshop by our team of professional jewelers. Custom designs and redesigns are another passion at our shop. Our professional jewelers work closely with you to create a unique and personal design.

 World Class Colored Gemstones


One of our passions is designing and creating fine gold jewelry set with the finest and most unique colored gemstones.


Diamonds are graded by the famous 4-Cs grading scale. For certain varities of colored gemstones the terms World Class and Top Gem are used to distinguish the very finest colored gemstones. World Class/Top Gem colored gemstones have vivid color, outstanding clarity, excellent cut and large size.

Browse our online catalog for gift ideas. Not all of our jewelry is on the website. There is much more to see in our shop.


Tuesday thru Saturday 10am - 4pm.

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