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Swiss Blue Topaz Dangle Earrings

042602-14k-yg Swiss Blue Topaz Dangle Earrings $795.00

Citrine Dangle Earrings

042603-14k-yg Citrine Dangle Earrings $499.00

Prasiolite Dangle Earrings

042610-14k-yg Prasiolite Dangle Earrings $629.00

3.20ctw Golden Citrine

042605-14k-yg 3.20ctw Golden Citrine $496.00

Rubelite Tourmaline .40ctw Diamonds

031013-14k-yg Rubelite Tourmaline .40ctw Diamonds $1,400.00

1.84ct Aquamarine Pear

022421-14k-yg 1.84ct Aquamarine Pear Drop $1,764.00

1ctw Diamond 14kt Rose Gold

031012-14k-rg 1ctw Diamond Earrings 14kt Rose Gold $3,200.00

Whiskey Moissanite

020310-14k-yg Whiskey Moissanite $1,400.00

1.50ct Sapphire 14kt Rose Gold

020312-14k-rg 1.50ctw Oval Shape Sapphire Earrings 14kt Rose Gold $975.00

Aquamarine Earrings

031014-14k-yg Aquamarine Post Style $269.00

Swiss Blue Topaz .20ctw Diamond

042604-14k-yg Swiss Blue Topaz with .20ctw Diamonds $1,165.00

Garnet and Diamond Earrings

021129-14k-yg Garnet and Diamond Earrings $279.00

Amethyst & Diamond Drop

020313-14k-yg Amethyst & Diamond Drop Earrings $659.00

Fleur-de-lis Drop Earrings

020311-14k-yg Fleru-de-lis Drop Earrings $975.00

Prasiolite Earrings

22702-14k-yg Prasiolite Drop Earrings $575.00

Garnet Filigree Earrings

020314-14k-yg Garnet Filigree Earrings $865.00

Mocha Mabe Pearls

89292-14k-rg Mocha Mabe Pearl Earrings in 14k Rose Gold $885.00

.60ctw Sapphire Earrings

042607-14k-wg .60ctw Sapphire Earrings $879.00

2.56ctw Andesine Oval Earrings

042609-14k-rg 2.56ctw Andesine Oval Shape Earrings $1,289.00

.32ctw Diamond Earrings

041212-14k-rg .32ctw Diamond Dangle Earrings $1,289.00

Solid 14k Gold Peridot Drop Earrings

02102-14k-yg Solid 14k Gold Acanthus Leaf Elongated Drop Earrings with Peridot $1,874.00

Amethyst Drop Earrings

53561-14k-rg Amethyst Drop Earrings $2,190.00

4ctw Diamond Earrings

77759-14k-yg 4ctw Diamond Earrings J-Hoop $7,500.00

Amethyst Earrings

041213-14k-yg Amethyst Filigree Earrings $965.00

Pink Tourmaline Filigree Earrings

041214-14k-rg Pink Tourmaline Filigree Earrings $985.00

Gold Floral Filigree Earrings

041211-14k-yg Gold Floral Filigree Earrings $299.00

8x6mm Peridot Dangle Earrings

041210-14k-yg 8x6mm Peridot East-West Setting $1,150.00

Garnet Drop Earrings

37357-14k-rg Garnet Drop Earrings $1,600.00

Rose Gold Hoop Earrings

40771-14k-rg Rose Gold Hoop Earrings $459.00

4.38ctw Peridot Earrings

042601-14k-yg Peridot 4.38ctw $1,865.00

1.50ctw Peridot Earrings

042608-14k-yg Peridot 1.50ctw $890.00

.52cte Yellow Beryl Earrings

042606-14k-wg Yellow Beryl .52ctw $969.00

Tsavorite Garnet & Diamond

98167-14k-yg Tsavorite Garnet & Diamond Earrings $920.00

Diamond J-Hoops

51714-14k-wg Diamond J-Hoops $720.00

10mm Pearl & Emerald Earrings

09365-18k-yg 10mm Pearl with Emerald Starburst $2,995.00

Amethyst Briolette Cut Earrings

51550-14k-yg Amethyst Briolette Cut $649.00

1.15ctw Aquamarine Floral

78988-14k-wg 1.15ctw Aquamarine Floral Earrings $640.00

Turquoise & Pearl Earrings

24235-14k-yg Genuine Turquoise with Pearl Halo Earrings $429.00

Atomic Starburst Drop

72039-14k-yg Atomic Starburst Drop Earrings $1,489.00

Yellow Sapphire & Diamonds

95106-14k-wg Yellow Sapphire & Diamonds $937.00

1.50ctw Blue Zircon Studs

79421-14k-yg 1.50ctw Blue Zircon Studs $575.00

London Blue Topaz & Diamonds

68282-14k-wg London Blue Topaz $496.00

Golden Mabe Pearls

71829-14k-yg Golden Mabe Pearls $799.00

Diamond Studs with Diamond Jackets

22027-14k-yg Sold Separately .66ct Diamond Studs $2,699.00 .66ct Diamond Floral Jackets $1,899.00

Black Pearl Flower

12326-14k-yg Black Pearl Flower Earrings $359.00

Citrine with Diamond Accents

32904-14k-yg Citrine with Diamonds $399.00

1ctw Tournalines with 2ctw Diamonds

32933-14k-wg 1ctw Orange Tourmalines with 2ctw White Diamonds $4,800.00

Spessarite Garnet Diamond Halos

32814-14kyg Spessarite Garnet with Diamond Halos $169.00

Opal Tear Drop

44153-14k-yg Opal Tear Drop Earrings $899.00

Love Knot Earring Jackets

31454-14k-yg Love Knot Earring Jackets $130.00 .20 Diamond Studs $299.00

Door Knocker Style Pearls & Diamonds

21510-14k-yg Door Knocker Style Pearls & Diamonds $895.00

Drop Style Onyx with Gold Wire

25926-14k-yg Drop Style Onyx with Gold Wire $785.00

London Blue Topaz with Diamonds

33230-14k-wg London Blue Topaz with Diamond Accents $399.00

Amethyst Princess Cut

33115-14k-yg Amethyst Princess Cut $289.00

Garnet Pear Cut

33152-14k-yg Garnet Pear Cut $279.00

1ctw Diamond In & Out Hoops

10535-14k-wg 1ctw Diamond In & Out Hoop Earrings with Safety Lever Release $2,550.00

Diamond Stud Earrings

33915-14k Diamond Stud Earrings Carat weights & prices vary. We can make any size you desire.

Semi-Precious Gemstone Studs

33447-14k Semi-Precious Gemstone Stud Earrings Varies from 1-2 carats, prices start at $189.00