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Australian Opal .50ctw Diamonds

080503-14k-yg Australian Opal .50ctw Diamonds $4,875.00

Lion's Head Ruby & Diamond

080503-14k-yg Lion's Head Diamond & Ruby Come in for special price.

London Blue Topaz

080502-14k-yg London Blue Topaz $3,365.00

2.50ct Moissanite 1ctw Diamond

080501-14k-yg 2.50ct Moissanite 1ctw Diamonds $8,999.00

5.75ct Monosital Color Change

041310-14k-yg 5.75ct Monosital Color Change $1,785.00

5.32ct Sapphire & Diamonds

042917-14k-wg 5.32ct Sapphire Diamond Accents $3,559.00

2.50ct Moissanite Teal Blue

080509-14k-tt 2.50ct Moissanite Teal Blue 14kt Yellow & White Gold $1,985.00

Natural Black Star Sapphire

042901-14k-yg Natural Black Star Sapphire $1,793.00

Onyx & Diamond

042908-14k-yg Onyx & Diamond East/West Set $1,645.00

Indicolite Tourmaline

111739-14k-yg Indicolite Tourmaline $3,200.00

3ct Moissanite

111219-14k-yg 3ct Moissanite $4,229.00

Masonic Ring 14kt Gold Diamond

041223-14k-tt Masonic Ring Diamond 14kt Gold $1,499.00

St. George Slaying Dragon

080510-14k-yg St. George Slaying Dragon Signet Ring $1,685.00 Solid 14kt Yellow Gold

Onyx & Diamond Masonic Ring

070806-14kt-yg Onyx & Diamond Masonic Ring Call for Special Price

2ctw Diamond Cluster Ring

041221-14k-yg 2ctw Diamond Cluster $6,299.00

3.13ct Tanzanite East/West Set

042931-14k-yg 3.13ct Tanzanite East/West Set $4,489.00 w/Certificate

1.68ct Red Zircon

111726-14k-yg 1.68ct Red Zircon $1,755.00

2.12ct Tanzanite w/Certificate

042924-14k-yg 2.12ct Tanzanite $3,650.00 W/Certificate

.75ctw Diamond Nugget Ring

102015-14k-yg .75ctw Diamond Nugget Ring $2,257.00

2.63ct Ruby Star Sapphire

111738-14k-yg 2.63ct Ruby Star Sapphire Coral Reef Setting $2,850.00

3.89ct Kornerupine Cat's Eye

042903-14k-yg 3.89ct Kornerupine Cat's Eye Cabochon $2,254.00

Rubelite Tourmaline & Chrome Diopside

111717-14k-rg Rubelite Tourmaline Chrome Diposide $2,880.00

Oval Faceted Citrine

031002-14k-yg Oval Faceted Citrine $1,669.00

St. George Slaying Dragon

080511-14k-wg St. George Slaying Dragon Signet Ring $1685.00 Solid 14kt White Gold

Smokey Blue Monosital

042911-14k-yg Smokey Blue Monosital $1,695.00

Onyx Diamonds

031001-14k-yg Onyx Diamonds $1,695.00

Sky Blue Topaz Diamonds

030310-14k-tt Sky Blue Topaz & Diamonds 14kt White & Yellow Gold $2,988.00

Lapis Lazuli

042910-14k-yg Lapis Lazuli $1,860.00

4.95 Natural Sapphire

30404-14k-yg 4.95ct Natural Diffused Sapphire Diamonds $3,400.00

Opal Gent's Ring

042928-14k-yg Synthetic Opal $1,325.00

Top Golden Citrine Diamonds

95913-14k-yg Top Golden Citrine Diamonds $2,485.00

Lapis Lazuli .70ctw Diamonds

020319-14k-yg Lapis Lazuli .70ctw Diamonds $2,700.00

11.58ct Ruby

45648-14k-yg 11.58ct Ruby $2,825.00

2.61ct Indicolite Tourmaline Diamonds

030303-14k-yg 2.61ct Indicolite Tourmaline Diamonds $3,758.00

Carved Lion Crest

42260-14k-wg Carved Lion Crest Ring Call for price

Fire Agate

042916-14k-yg Fire Agate $1,739.00

1.80ct Moissanite 1.38ctw Diamonds

03492-14k-tt 1.80ct Moissanite 1.38ctw Diamonds 14kt Yellow & White Gold $3,630.00

3.85ct Kunzite

79049-14k-wg 3.85ct Kunzite East/West Set $1,643.00

Ametrine .24ctw Diamonds

12359-14k-yg Ametrine .24ctw Diamond Pave $2,875.00

Amethyst Cabochon 8.8gr

012722-14k-yg-TE Amethyst Cabochon $1,195.00 8.8gr

3.78 Swiss Blue Topaz

71195-14k-yg 3.78ct Swiss Blue Topaz $1,525.00

6.75ct Blue Star Sapphire

020320-14k-yg 6.75ct Blue Star Sapphire $2,395.00

Garnet Signet Ring

10414-14k-yg Garnet Signet Ring $1,499.00

2.79ct Green Tourmaline

93876-14k-yg 2.79ct Green Tourmaline $3,438.00

Tiger Eye Roman Soldier Intaglio

35217-14k-yg Tiger Eye Roman Soldier Intaglio $1,135.00

6.5mm Rhodolite Garnet

030302-14k-yg 6.5mm Rhodolite Garnet $call for price

5.46ct Sapphire Rose Gold Ring

111716-14k-rg 5.46ct Sapphire 14kt Rose & White Gold $3,855.00

Color Change Monosital

70913-14k-yg Color Change Monosital call for price Color changes under different light sources. Brown Green & Dusty Rose

Aquamarine & .50ctw Diamonds

22258-14k-tt Oval Aquamarine .50ctwDiamonds $3,700.00

Lemon Citrine

35539-14k-yg Lemon Citrine $1,259.00

4.56ct Kunzite

59247-14k-tt 4.56ct Kunzite $3,284.00

1.68ct Tourmaline .10ct Diamond

031003-14k-yg 1.68ct Tourmaline .10ct Diamond $1,930.00

1.26ctw VS G-H Diamond Cluster

14754-14k-wg 1.26ctw. Diamond Cluster $7,630.00 VS G-H

1.35ct Rubelite Touramline

25751-14k-yg 1.35ct Rubelite Tourmaline $2,276.00

3.30ctw Diamonds

42220-14k-yg 3.30ctw Diamond SI G-H call for price

U.S. Army Insignia with Onyx

77011-14k-yg U.S. Army Insignia Onyx $1,695.00

Rolex-Style with .75ctw Diamonds

89748-14k-tt Rolex-Style .75ctw Diamonds $3,585.00

3.29ct Tanzanite

74279-14k-wg 3.29ct Tanzanite $3,260.00

.75ct Spinel

12931-14k-wg .75ct Spinel $1,225.00

Faceted Rectangle Garnet

42190-14k-yg Garnet $1,899.00

.40ctw Diamond Ring

74794-14k-yg .40ctw Diamond call for price

3.70ct Red Topaz

80491-14k-yg 3.70ct Red Topaz $3,422.00

.60ctw Garnet & Diamond

22864-14k-wg .60ctw Garnet & Diamond $3,235.00

Checkerboard Garnet

29464-14k-yg Checkerboard Cut Garnet $1,768.00

Citrine with Diamond Accents

32355-14k-yg Citrine & Diamonds $1,299.00

Swiss Blue Topaz

21239-14k-yg Swiss Blue Topaz $2,075.00

4.42ct Morganite

24651-14k-wg 4.42ct Morganite $2,564.00

Swiss Blue Topaz

33535-14k-wg Swiss Blue Topaz $1,430.00

Blue Linde Star Sapphire

020321-14k-yg Blue Linde Star Sapphire .25ctw Diamond $2,169.00

3 ct Garnet

31266-14k-yg 3ct Garnet $1,577.00

5.72 Lab Ceylon Sapphire

76975-14k-yg 5.72ct Lab Created Ceylon Sapphire .60ctw Pave Diamonds $4,978.00


58885-14lk-yg Moissanite $3,200.00

Natural Black Star Sapphire

32045-14k-yg Natural Black Star Sapphire $1,295.00

London Blue Topaz Cabochon .15ctw Diamonds

040712-14k-yg London Blue Topaz .15ctw Diamonds $2,034.00

Opal Oval East-West Setting

57075+14k-yg Opal East-West Setting $2,496.00


60484-14k-yg MARS Onyx $1,299.00

4.25ct Prasiolite

87772-14k-yg 4.25ct Prasiolite $2,755.00

.25ctw Diamond Baguette Wedding Band

033148-14k-yg .25ctw Diamond Baguette Wedding Band Call for availability. Come in for special price.

3ct Golden Tourmaline

72732-14k-yg 3ct Golden Tourmaline $3,422.00

.40ctw Diamond Wedding Band

033146-14k-yg .40ctw Diamond Wedding Band $1,395.00

3.50ct Peridot with .15ctw Diamonds

30154-14k-yg 3.50ct Peridot .15ctw Diamonds $2,595.00

4.28ct Green Spinel

042906-14k-yg 4.28ct Green Spinel $2,619.00

4.02ct Peridot

21962-14k-yg 4.02ct Peridot $1,981.00

12.55ct Peridot

61350-14k-yg 12.55ct Peridot $3,848.00

2.8ct Peridot Faceted Oval

30516-14k-yg 2.8ct Peridot $1,825.00

3.05ct Green Beryl

93443-14k-yg 3.05ct Green Beryl $1,979.00

Golden Beryl

22843-14k-yg Golden Beryl call for price

Peridot Bar Style Ring

22159-14k-wg Peridot $1,875.00

Carved Tiger Eye

74178-14k-yg Tiger Eye Carved $975.00

Amethyst Artisan Design

012701-14k-yg Amethyst $4,378.00 Artisan Designed Handcrafted

Green Tourmaline .50ctw Pave Diamond

23940-14k-tt Green Tourmaline .50ctw Pave Diamonds $2,460.00 Hand Carved Shank

14.50ct Yellow Star Sapphire

24903-14k-yg 14.50ct Yellow Star Sapphire $3,530.00

27.90 Green Star Sapphire

14504-14k-yg 27.90ct Green Star Sapphire $4,095.00

Natrual Black Star Sapphire

05409-14k-wg Natural Black Star Sapphire $1,575.00

3.83ct Bi-Color Tourmaline

00037-14k-yg 3.83ct Bi-Color Tourmaline $5,890.00

Vintage Onyx & Diamond

58781-10k-yg Onyx with Diamond $545.00

3.03 Titanite

30946-14k-yg 3.03ct Titanite $1,680.00

2.85ct Green Tourmaline

31009-14k-yg 2.85ct Green Tourmaline $3,428.00

Carved Tiger Eye

94556-14k-yg Carved Tiger Eye Soldier $800.00

30.96ct Green Star Sapphire

25032-14k-yg 30.96ct Green Star Sapphire $4,720.00

1ctw Diamond

23852-14k-yg 1ctw Diamond $4,650.00

1.85ct Peridot with .10ctw Diamonds

15911-14k-yg 1.85ct Peridot .10ctw Diamonds $885.00

8.63ct Lightning Ridge Black Opal

15732-14k-yg 8.63ct Lightning Ridge Black Opal $4,295.00

Onyx & Diamond Textured Band

30630-14k-yg Onyx & Diamond Textured Band $1,385.00

3.10ct Titanite with .10ctw Diamonds

15515-14k-yg 3.10ct Titanite .10ctw Diamonds $2,450.00

Welo Opal

22455-14k-yg Welo Opal $1,280.00

.10ct Diamond Band

33036-14k-yg .10ct Diamond Band $649.00

.25ctw 8-Stone Diamond Band

033150-14k-wg .25ctw 8-Stone Diamond Wedding Band $899.00

1.50ctw Diamond Wedding Band

42855-14k-wg 1.50ctw Diamond Wedding Band $2,745.00

.50ctw Diamond Wedding Band

43100-14k-tt .50ctw Diamond Wedding Band $1,295.00

.50ctw Diamond Wedding Band

43413-14k-tt .50ctw Diamond Wedding Band $1,395.00

Masonic with Diamond

44938-14k-yg Masonic Two-Toned Gold with Diamond $999.00

.25ct Diamond Nugget

45054-14k-yg .25ct Diamond Nugget $1,395.00

.50ctw Diamond Wave Wedding Band

033145-14k-yg .50ctw Diamond Wave $1,675.00

.15ct Diamond Bar

45841-14k-yg .15ct Diamond Bar $880.00

.25ct Diamond Nugget

030305-14k-yg .25ct Diamond Nugget $1,497.00

Onyx with Army Insignia

09899 -14k-yg Onyx with Army Insignia $1,695.00

Cross Ring

20202-14k-yg Cross Rhodium Plated Recessed Backround $975.00

LC Sapphire with Diamond

030307-10k-yg-te LC Sapphire Diamond $1,299.00

Diamond White & Yellow Gold

08986-14k-yg .25ctw Diamond $999.00

.50ctw Diamond Ring

030306-14k-yg .50ctw Diamond $1,995.00

4.5ct Sapphire with Diamonds Nugget

05689-14k-yg 4.5ct Sapphire Diamonds $2,800.00