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1960 ca Coral Squash Blossom Necklace

072806-ss-nv 1960 ca. Squash Blossom Coral with Leaf Design $3,870.00

Calvin Martinez Coral Concho Belt

041401-ss-nv Calvin Martinez Navajo SS Concho Belt Coral with Traditional Navajo Stamp Work Visit us for a special price.

Coral Squash Blossom Necklace

082424-ss-nv Squash Blossom Necklace Coral Traditional Size Visit us for a special price.

M Boone Coral Dangle Earrings

082425-ss-nv M Boone Signed Coral Shadow Box Dangle Earrings $165.00

Coral Squash Blossom Set

041404-ns Coral Squash Blossom Necklace & Earring Set $825.00

Genevieve Franscisco Earrings

082017-ss-nv Genevieve Francisco Navajo Coral Feather Earrings $95.00

Zuni Knifewing Earrings

082014-ss-zu Zuni Knifewing Inlay Turquoise Coral MOP $375.00

Coral Squash Blossom Earrings

072807-ss-nv Coral Squash Blossom Earrings Visit us for a special price.

Rick Martinez Coral Cuff

072803-ss-nv Rick Martinez Navajo Coral Cuff Bracelet $485.00

Vintage Coral Multi-Strand Necklace

042118-ss Vintage Multi-Strand Coral Necklace Sterling Silver Cones $275.00

Justin Morris Feather & Coral Ring

042105-ss-nv Justin Morris Navajo Feather & Coral Ring $189.00

Navajo Branch Coral & Turquoise

100531-ss-nv Navajo Coral Necklace Natural Red Branch Turquoise Beads $190.00

28" Spiny Oyster Necklace

091519-sd Santo Domingo Spiny Oyster Shell 28" Necklace Visit us for a special price.

Pink Coral Strand

100530-ss-nv Navajo Coral Necklace Natural Branch Pink $190.00

Zuni Lupe Iule Coral Cross Pendant

040703-ss-zu Zuni Lupe Iule 1950s Coral Cross Pendant $465.00 Lupe Iule is the wife of Horace Iule.

Navajo Bobby Johnson Turquoise Coral Earrings

033132-ss-nv Navajo Bobby Johnson Turquoise Coral Earrings $265.00

1950s Turquoise Coral Cuff Bracelet

033121-ss-pw 1950s Pawn Turquoise Coral Cuff Bracelet $685.00

Navajo Leroy Begay Turquoise Pendant

033103-ss-nv Navajo Leroy Begay Turquoise & Coral Pendant -XL $2,285.00

Navajo Justin Morris Coral Ring

032545-ss-nv Navajo Justin Morris Coral Ring $189.00

Navajo Henry Patrick Attakai Buckle

032521-ss-nv Navajo Henry Patrick Attakai Coral & Turquoise Howling Wolf Buckle $1,500.00

Navajo Jeff Largo Earrings

032515-ss-nv Navajo Jeff Largo Coral Turquoise Earrings $155.00

Navajo Leaf Coral Earrings

032503-ss-nv Navajo Signed MN Coral Leaf Earrings $89.00

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