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Angel Skin Coral & Diamonds

052416-14k-yg Vintage Angel Skin Coral Diamond Accents $690.00

Emerald & Diamond

112501-18k-wg Emerald & Diamond Ring & Earrings Visit For Special Price

Baguette Diamond Ring

111510-14k-wg .70ctw Baguette Diamond $2,795.00

Wide Dome Diamond Etched

111512-14k-yg Wide Dome Band Diamond Cut Design $1,200.00

.25ctw Diamond 2-Stone

101813-14k-yg .25ctw Diamond 2-Stone Ring $995.00

High Ribbed Dome

101815-14k-yg High Ribbed Dome 14kt Yellow Gold $1,695.00

.75ctw Diamonds

101810-14k-yg .75ctw Diamonds Waterfall East/West Set $1,995.00

3ctw Diamond Cocktail Ring

080201-14k-yg 3ctw Diamond 1970s Cocktail Ring *Come in for special price.

Star Sapphire Bypass Ring

080202-14k-wg Star Sapphire By-Pass .15ctw Diamonds $695.00

Antique .50ctw Diamond Ring

050906-14k-tt .50ctw Diamond Ring Antique 14k Gold $2,355.00

1.20ctw Ruby .40 ctw Diamond

041208-18k-yg 1.20ctw Ruby .40ctw Diamond Visit us for a special price.

Sapphire By-Pass Ring

091503-18k-yg Sapphire By-Pass Ring $1,895.00

Tahitian Pearl Floral Setting

091506-14k-yg Tahitian Pearl Carved Floral Setting $2,095.00

Garnet Marquise Ring

080203-14k-yg Garnet Marquise $1,185.00

Emeralds Rubies & Diamonds Greek Key Design

042922-14k-yg .10ctw Emeralds .10ctw Rubies .40ctw Diamonds Greek Key Design $3,779.00

Art Deco Dinner Ring

101135-14k-yg Art Deco Diamond Dinner RIng $1,275.00

2.50ctw Natural Ruby

100554-14k-yg 2.50ctw Natural Ruby Cocktail Ring Visit us for a special price.

6.58ct London Blue Topaz Diamond Pendant

020315-14k-wg 6.58ct London Blue Topaz and Diamond Pendant $3,570.00

Vintage Amethyst .50ctw Diamond

012716-14k-yg Vintage Amethyst .50ctw Diamond Halo $2,520.00

.10ctw Diamond Art Deco

101132-14k-yg .10ctw Diamond Art Deco Antique $1,199.00

.50ctw Diamond Art Deco Antique

101129-14k-wg .50ctw Diamond Antique Art Deco $2,199.00

Onyx & Pearl Ring

100515-14k-yg Onyx & Pearl $975.00

.25ct Diamond .25ctw Ruby Antique

101126-14k-wg .25ct Diamond .25ctw Ruby Antique 3-Stone $1,895.00

1.07ctw Diamond Art Deco

101123-14k-wg 1.07ctw Diamond Art Deco $3,675.00

Swiss Blue Topaz Marquise

101145-10k-yg Swiss Blue Topaz Diamond Accents $1,189.00

.75ctw Diamond Open Worl Scroll

102014-14k-yg .75ctw Diamond Open Work Scroll $2,650.00

AAA Opal Bark Texture Setting

093017-14k-yg AAA Opal Bark Textured Setting $965.00

16x20mm Swiss Blue Topaz

70425-14k-yg 16x20mm Swiss Blue Topaz $1,795.00

Garnet Cocktail Ring

093004-14k-yg Garnet Cocktail Ring $879.00

.15ctw Diamond Art Deco

101134-14k-yg .15ctw Diamond Art Deco Dinner Ring $1,489.00

.60ctw Diamond Dinner Ring

101116-14k-wg .60ctw Diamond Dinner Ring $1,699.00

2ctw Diamond Enhancer/Pendant

040201-14k-yg 2ctw Diamond Enhancer or Pendant Visit us for a special price.

.25ct Diamond Art Deco

101133-14k-wg .25ct Diamond Art Deco Dinner Ring $1,469.00

20ct Purple Sapphire Pendant

042929-18k-yg 20ct Purple Sapphire Pendant $3.879.00

Art Deco Engagement

091501-14k-wg Art Deco Engagement Diamond Solitaire Sapphire Setting Visit us for a special price.

3.01ct Opal Natural Shape

093011-14k-yg 3.01ct Opal Natural Shape Visit us for a special price.

.40ctw Diamond

101118-18k-wg .40ctw Diamond Antique Art Deco $2,385.00

London Blue Topaz

080508-10k-yg London Blue Topaz Diamond Halo $385.00

1ctw Diamond Cocktail Ring

101104-14k-yg 1ctw Diamonds in Leaves Vintage Cocktail Ring $3,799.00

Pearl & Ruby Cocktail

100517-14k-yg Pearl & Ruby Cocktail Ring $975.00

Cultured Pearl Cluster Dome

100502-14k-yg Cultured Pearl Cluster Dome $935.00

Art Deco Dimaond Dinner Ring

101136-10k-yg Art Deco Diamond Dinner Ring $1,599.00

Cultured Pearl

100503-14k-yg Cultured Pearl $589.00

.60ct Euro Diamond Antique

101122-18k-wg .60ct Euro Diamond Antique Ring Visit us for a special price.

Art Carved Gent's Wedding Band

091505-14k-yg Art Carved Gent's Band Wedding $1,089.00

1.40ct Aquamarine .10ctw Diamond

091502-14k-wg 1.40ct Aquamarine .10ctw Diamond $1,959.00

.15ctw Diamond Antique Band

101127-14k-wg .15ctw Diamond 3-Stone Antique $1,265.00

.40ctw Diamond Dinner Ring

101111-14k-wg .40ctw Diamond Dinner Ring $1,850.00

Multi-Gem Stacked Rings

080509-14k-yg Emeralds Rubies Sapphires & Citrines $2,039.00

Cultured Pearl Ring

091510-14k-yg Cultured Pearl Ring Classic Style $589.00

1ctw Diamond Vine & Bark Design

102009-14k-yg 1ctw Diamond Vine & Bark Design Visit us for a special price.

Amethyst & Diamond

102013-14k-yg Amethyst & Diamond $990.00

Cook Island Pearl Strand Set

10052718k-yg Cook Island Pearl Strand Matching Earrings Visit us for a special price.

Akoya Pearl Diamond Necklace

110503-14k-yg Akoya Pearl Necklace Diamond Accents $1,429.00

Sapphire Ruby Emerald Diamond Band

080508-14k-yg Sapphire Ruby Emerald Diamond Domed Band $849.00

Cultured Pearl Necklace

110501-14k-yg Cultured Pearl Necklace Diamond Accents $2,789.00

.40ctw Diamond Ribbed Dome Design

102010-14k-yg .40ctw Diamond Ribbed Dome Design $2,165.00

.60ctw Diamond Modernist

102008-14k-yg .60ctw Diamond Modernist $2,950.00

Antique Dinner Ring

101115-14k-wg Antique Diamond Dinner Ring $1,249.00

American Blue Topaz

102007-14k-yg American Blue Topaz Oval Faceted Cut $1,169.00

12ctw Tourmalines 18kt Brooch

022418-18k-yg 18kt Yellow Gold Brooch 12ctw Multi-colored Tourmalines Visit us for a special price.

Opal & Emeralds

093020-14k-yg Opal & Emeralds Retro Cocktail Ring $2,090.00

10ctw Peridot .35ctw Diamonds

093001-18k-yg 10ctw Peridot .35ctw Diamond Visit us for a special price.

Tahitian Pear & Diamond Ring

100519-14k-wg Tahitian Pearl Ring Diamond Accents $2,200.00

Andrew Clunn Citrine Diamond Pendant

022122-18k-yg Andrew Clunn Pendant Over 100ctw Citrine .50ctw Diamonds Visit us for a special price.

James Avery Pearl Set

110504-14k-yg James Avery Pearl Set $920.00

2ctw Diamond Waterfall Ring

102006-14k-yg 2ctw Diamond Waterfall Ring Visit us for a special price.

1890s Diamond Cluster

101112-14k-wg 1890s Diamond Cluster $2,800.00

Pearl Fancy Link Bracelet

110506-14k-yg Pearl Fancy Link Bracelet $799.00

Peridot & Diamond

1020111-14k-yg Peridot & Diamond $579.00

.50ctw Diamond Pendant

041207-14k-yg .50ctw Diamond Pendant $1,095.00

Amethyst Marquise

102017-14k-yg Amethyst Marquise $578.00

Vintage Amber Necklace

072808-ss Handmade Necklace Large Amber Cabochons $979.00

Art Nouveau Amber Pendant

092204-ss-an Vintage Art Nouveau Calla Lily Amber Pendant $385.00

Cultured Pearl Cluster Pendant

23456-14k-yg Cultured Pearl Cluster Pendant Diamond Accents $465.00

Garnet & Diamond

102012-14k-yg Garnet & Diamond $595.00

.50cw Diamond Ring 14kt Rose Gold

041432-14k-rg .50ctw Diamond 3-Stone Dinner Ring 14kt Rose Gold $2,286.00

.20ctw Diamond

101117-14k-yg .20ctw Diamond 3-Stone Ring $1,549.00

1920s Corundum Marquise

041422-14k-wg 1920s Corundum Marquise $1,299.00

.75ctw 3-Stone Engagement Ring

041421-14k-yg .75ctw Diamond 3-Stone Engagement Ring $2,595.00

.50ctw Diamond Ruby Bee Pendant

84249-14k-yg .50ctw Diamond Ruby Bee Pendant $2,199.00

Diamond Knot Ring

29605-14k-yg Diamond Knot Ring Round & Baguette Diamonds Visit us for a special price.

Ruby Cabochon Retro Ring

76082-14k-yg Ruby Cabochon Retro Fan Setting $1,675.00

.50ctw Diamond 2-Stone Ring

021109-18k-yg .50ctw Diamond 2-Stone Ring VS1-GH $3,070.00

Pearls & Diamonds

100523-14k-yg Pearls & Diamonds Cocktail Ring $1,399.00

1880s Pear Amethyst & Diamonds

31536-18k-yg 1800's Pear Cut Amethyst Diamond Halo $8,000.00

1ctw Diamond Cluster Ring

021107-14k-wg 1ctw Diamond Cluster $2,565.00

3.5ctw Sapphire .10ctw Diamond

111737-14k-yg 3.5ctw Sapphire Marquise .10ctw Diamonds Custom Ring Visit us for a special price.

Ruby Heart Pendant

041205-14k-yg Heart Pendant 3-Stone Ruby Hearts $329.00

Australian Opal & Diamonds

093015-14k-yg Australian Opal Diamonds Visit us for a special price.

1ctw Diamond Cluster Ring

021115-14k-yg 1.ctw Diamond Cluster $1,785.00

1.25ctw Diamond Engagement

101110-14k-wg Antique 1.25ctw Diamond Engagement Ring Visit us for a special price.

22kt Gold Necklace

060701-22k-yg 22kt Yellow Gold Necklace Red Glass Beads $3,900.00

1960s Diamond Ring

021114-10k-yg 1960s .15ctw Diamond $725.00

Antique Rhodolite Garnet Pendant

227914-9k-yg Rhodolite Garnet Pendant Antique English $535.00

.25ctw Diamond Cluster Ring

021101-14k-yg .25ctw Diamond Cluster $899.00

Ruby 2-Stone Diamond Pendant

041204-10k-yg Ruby 2-Stone Heart Diamond Pendant $249.00

Antique Lapis Pearl Pendant

324523-18k-yg Lapis Pearl & Diamond Pendant/Pin Antique English $3,675.00

Antique Ruby Bar Pin

281394-9k-yg Ruby Bar Pin Antique English $475.00

15x11mm Swiss Blue Topaz

14111-14k-yg 15x11mm Swiss Blue Topaz with Diamond Halo $1,299.00

Emerald Onyx & Diamond

041215-14k-wg Emerald & Onyx Diamond Filigree $1,465.00

Australian White Opal .50ctw Diamonds

093012-18k-yg Australian White Opal .50ctw Diamonds $3,820.00

AA Quality Rubies & Amethyst

74565-14k-yg AA Quality Rubies Amethyst Visit us for a special price.

Antique Victorian Earrings

256893-ygf Antique Victorian Earrings $299.00

13x10mm Tourmaline Diamonds

111732-14k-yg 13x10mm Pink Tourmaline Round & Baguette Diamonds $3,699.00

Antique Amethyst Pendant/Pin

260162-9k-yg Amethyst Pendant/Pin Antique English $675.00

Antique Sapphire Diamond Pin

308537-15-k-yg Sapphire & Diamond Pin Antique English $985.00

1ctw Diamond .30ct Sapphire

041423-18k-wg Antique 1ctw Diamond .30ct Sapphire Engagement/Wedding Ring Visit us for a special price.

Antique Diamond Bar Pin

222147-18k-yg Diamond Bar Pin Antique Euro $835.00

Antique Diamond Pin

371713-15k-yg Diamond Pin Antique English $795.00

Topaz Diamond Pendant

020317-14k-wg Antique Case Watch Topaz and Diamond Pendant $1,639.00

.40ctw Diamond Cluster

101130-14k-wg .40ctw Diamond Cluster Antique Cocktail Ring $1,395.00

.40ct Diamond Engagement Ring

60924-14k-wg .40ct Diamond Engagement Ring $2,595.00

1.35ctw Diamond Ring

101109-14k-wg 1.35ctw Diamond Ring Visit us for a special price.

Vintage .40ctw Diamond Dinner Rig

61031-14k-wg .40ctw Diamond Dinner $1,475.00

.30ct Sapphire & .20ctw Diamonds

20251-14k-wg .30ct Sapphire .20ctw Diamond Filigree $1,665.00

Vintage Ruby Ring

71250-10k-tt Ruby Dinner Ring $895.00

Multi-Color Pearl Cluster

100517-14k-yg Multi-Color Pearl Cluster Ring $2,400.00

.60ctw Natural Ruby & Diamond

33622-14k-yg .60ctw Natural Ruby Diamonds $1,685.00

.40ct Emerald 020ctw Diamond Halo

041216-14k-yg .40ct Emerald .20ctw Diamonds $1,838.00

1.50ctw Rubies & .25ctw Diamonds

34349-14k-yg 1.50ctw Rubies .25ctw Diamonds $2,400.00

Antique Diamond Sapphire TE

23316-14k-wg-TE Antique Diamond & Sapphire Filigree $1,249.00

Antique Ruby Diamond Dinner

22350-14k-tt Antique Ruby Diamond Dinner $699.00

Tourmaline Trillion Diamonds

02713-14k-yg Tourmaline Trillion with Diamonds Visit us for a special price.

Indicolite Tourmaline

022425-14k-yg Indicolite Tourmaline $1,095.00

Carved Cameo Pin/Brooch

10558-ss Intricately Carved Cameo Pin/Brooch $377.00

Intricately Carved Cameo Pin

10611-10k-yg Intricately Carved Cameo Pin/Brooch Grape Motif $600.00

Artist Signed Coral Cameo Pin

98504-14k-yg Artist Signed Carved Coral Cameo Pin/Brooch $899.00

22kt Gold & Ruby Set

060702-22k-yg Ruby & 22kt Yellow Gold Necklace Earrings & Ring 1 1/3 oz 22k Gold Over 5ctw Ruby Visit us for a special price.

10mm Pearl 14k Gold Halo

18591-14k-yg 10mm Pearl with 14k Yellow Gold Halo $1,330.00

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