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.50ctw Diamond Wedding Band

033147-14k-yg .50ctw Diamond Wedding Band $2,200.00

2.91ctw Diamond Anniversary/Wedding Ring

70012-14k-wg 2.91ctw 3-row Diamond Anniversary/Wedding Ring $6,850.00

.50ctw Diamond Wave Wedding Band

033145-14k-yg .50ctw Diamond Wave Wedding Band $1,675.00

.40ctw Diamond Wedding Band

033146-14k-yg .40ctw Diamond Wedding Band $1,395.00

2ctw Diamond Eternity Band

102019-plt 2ctw Diamond Micro Pave Eternity Band $12,000.00

.75ct Pear Solitaire Diamond Accents

041441-14k-yg .75ct Pear Solitaire Diamond Accents Wedding Ring $2,250.00

Diamond Leaf Design Band

80233-14k-rg Diamond Leaf Design Band $870.00

1ctw Diamond 5-Stone Anniversary

102001-14k-wg 1ctw Diamond 5-Stone Anniversary $2,290.00

.25ctw Diamond Wedding Band

033150-14k-wg .25ctw Diamond Wedding Band $899.00

1.85ctw Diamond Wedding Set

021117-14k-wg 1.85ctw Diamond Wedding Set with .50ct Princess Cut Center Diamond $5,552.00

.75ct Pear .25ctw Tapered Baguettes

021106-14k-yg .75ct Pear with .25ctw Tapered Baguettes $4,599.00

.70ctw Diamond Wedding Set

021111-14k-yg Round Brilliant Cut Center Diamond with RBC & Baguettes Accents - .70 ct. tw. $2,299.00 Wedding Set

1.50ctw Wedding Set

102016-14k-yg 1.50ctw Diamond Wedding Set $2,225.00

.25ct Diamond Ring Guard

041440-14k-yg .25ct Diamond Ring Guard $1,080.00

1ctw Diamond Carved Wedding Set

041437-14k-wg 1ctw Diamond Wedding Set Carved Design $2,675.00

.65ctw Marquises & Baguettes

20143-14k-yg Three Marquise-Cut Diamonds Accented with Baguettes for .65ctw $2,055.00

.75ct Princess Cut Wedding Ring

041435-14k-yg .75ct Princess Diamond Round & Baguette Accents $4,650.00

1ctw Princess Cut Diamond Band

021124-14k-wg 1ctw Princess Cut Diamond Band $2,885.00

.25ctw Baguette Diamond Wedding Band

033148-14k-yg .25ctw Baguette Diamond Wedding Band $659.00

.25ctw Diamond Wedding Band

021102-14k-yg .25ctw Diamond Wedding Band $739.00

.25ctw Diamond Wedding Band

82210-14k-tt .25ctw Diamond Wedding Band $1,195.00

.50ctw Diamond Wedding Band

033149-14k-yg .50ctw Diamond Wedding Band $1,987.00

.75ctw Diamond Wrap

98079b-14k-yg .75ctw Diamond Wrap Round & Tapered Baguettes $3,695.00 Diamond Solitaire Sold Separately see 98079a

.50ctw Diamond Band

021113-14k-yg .50ctw Diamond Band $call for price

Floral Band

03851-14k-yg Floral Band $740.00

Vintage Style Diamond Wedding Band

28764-10k-wg Diamond Wedding Band Vintage Style $799.00

Floral White & Yellow 14kt Gold

82620-14k-tt Floral 14kt White & Yellow Gold $call for price

1ctw Diamond Ring

99247-14k-wg 1ctw Diamond Ring $3,600.00

.25ctw Diamond Band

021120-18k-yg .25ctw Diamond Band $1,225.00 2 available - sold separately

Ruby & Diamond Wedding Jacket

91203-14k-yg Ruby & Diamond Wedding Jacket $389.00 Solitaire sold separately.

Fancy Openwork Scroll Band

96823-14k-yg Fancy Openwork Scroll Band $call for price

.25ctw Diamond Band

021119-18k-yg .25ctw Diamond Band $1,225.00 2 available - sold separately

2ctw Diamond Band

041438-14k-yg 2ctw Diamond Band $4,800.00

.25ctw Diamond Semi-mount Engagement

74449-14k-tt .25ctw Diamond Semi-mount $1,405.00 Shown with Diamond Wedding Band No. 75540 Sold Separately

.25ctw Diamond Engagement Ring Guard

73840-14k-yg .25ctw Diamond Engagement Ring Guard $1,149.00

Semi-mount Engagement .50ctw Diamond

84602-14k-yg Semi-mount Engagement with Matching Wedding Ring .50ctw Baguettes $1,699.00

Diamond Floral Wedding Set

021103-14k-yg Diamond Floral Wedding Set $4,200.00

Diamond & Sapphire Wedding Jacket

91513-14k-yg Diamond & Sapphire Wedding Jacket $389.00 Diamond solitaire sold separately.

.75ct Pear Solitaire .75ctw Ring

041441-14k-yg 1ct Pear with .75ctw Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds $2,250.00

Ruby & Diamond Wedding Jacket

93133-14k-yg Ruby & Diamond Wedding Jacket $600.00 Diamond solitaire sold separately.

.30ctw Diamonds with Openwork Floral

21541-14k-wg .30ctw Diamonds with Openwork Floral Band $1,495.00

.30ctw Diamonds with Openwork Floral

21615-14k-yg .30ctw Diamonds with Openwork Floral Band $1,395.00

1ctw 5 Diamond Band

31255-14k-yg 1ctw 5 Diamond Band $2,900.00

.67ctw Diamond Antique-Style

20653-14k-rg .67ctw Diamond 3-Stone Antique-Style Engagement $1,600.00

1ctw 5 Diamond Band

31612-14k-yg 1ctw 5 Diamond Band $2,250.00

.75ctw Diamond Ring Jacket

93418-14k-yg .75ctw Diamond Wedding Jacket $1,995.00

Art Deco Diamond Ring

69715-14k-wg Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring $call for price

1ctw Sapphire & Diamond Ring

75327-18k-wg 1ctw Sapphire & Diamond Wedding Ring $6,458.00

.50ctw Antique Engagement

94726-14k-wg .50ctw Antique Engagement $2,199.00

Antique 1.25ctw Diamond Engagement

74181-14k-wg Antique 1.25ctw Diamond Engagement/Wedding $5,985.00

3-Stone Diamond Anniversary Band

18024-10k-wg 3-Stone Diamond Anniversary Band $799.00

Antique 1.07ctw Diamond

94868-14k-wg Antique 1.07ctw Diamond Engagement $3,675.00

Antique Diamond Filigree

93227-14k-wg Antique 3-Diamond Filigree $1,265.00

Antique 1.35ctw Diamond

102003-14k-wg Antique 1.35ctw Diamond Engagement $4,785.00

.25ctw Diamond Baguette Band

31024-14k-wg .25ctw Diamond Baguette Band $975.00

1ctw Diamond Band

41349-14k-yg 1ctw Diamond Band $2,650.00

.75ctw Semi-mount Wedding Band

40626-14k-yg .75ctw Semi-mount with Baguette & Round Diamonds $1,699.00

.60ctw Diamond Semi-Mount

09681-14k-yg Semi-mount with .60ctw Diamonds $1,490.00

Diamond Wedding Bands

22551 Sample of diamond wedding bands. Perfect for stacking. We have many more in stock or we can make the diamond band of your dreams. Come see us.

Wedding Bands In-Stock

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Gents Wedding Bands

In-stock gents wedding bands without gemstones. Prices vary. Custom orders available.

Gents Diamond Wedding Bands

In-stock Gents diamond wedding bands. Custom orders welcome. Prices vary.