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1.40ctw Diamond Solitaire

021104-14k-yg 1.40ctw Diamond Solitaire $6,460.00

1.39ctw Diamond Engagement Ring

020322-14k-TE15 1.39ctw Diamond Engagement Ring I3 GH $9,700.00

2.36ct Diamond Solitaire

020323-14k-TE65 2.36ct Diamond Solitaire SI2 LM $19,600.00

1.80ctw Moissanite Platnium

47872-plat 1.80ctw Moissanite Platinum Setting $4,648.00

2ct Diamond Solitaire

021125-14k-yg Diamond Solitaire $9,899.00

1ct Marquise with .50ctw Diamonds

22011-14k-wg 1ct Marquise with .50ctw Round Diamonds Wedding Set $5,395.00

1.09ct Marquise Wedding Set

32219-14k-yg 1.09ct Marquise Wedding Set $8,300.00

.50ctw Diamond Engagement Ring

041413-14k-wg .50ctw Diamond Engagement Ring

.83ct Pear with .15ctw Baguettes

31723-14k-wg .83ct Pear Solitaire .15ctw Baquettes $5,875.00

.73ct Round Diamond 1.10ctw

26655-14k-yg .73ct Round Diamond with .37ctw Diamonds $3,675.00 1.10ctw

1ctw Diamond Set

58767-14k-yg .60ct Center Diamond .40ctw Diamonds Wedding Set $940.00

1ctw Diamond Ring

99247-14k-wg 1ctw Diamond Ring $3,600.00

Past Present & Future Princess

94601-14k-wg Past Present & Future Princess Cut $5,100.00

.70ctw Diamond Wedding Set

30839-14k-yg Round Brilliant Cut Center Diamond with RBC & Baguettes Accents - .70ctw $2,299.00 Wedding Set

.62ct Diamond Solitaire

98079a-14kyg .62ct Diamond Solitaire $3,543.00 Diamond Wrap Sold Separately See 98079b

.75ctw Diamonds Semi-mount

29092-14k-rg/wg .75ctw Diamond Semi-mount call for price 14kt Rose & White gold 1.50ct Moissanite Sold Separately

.65ctw Marquises & Baguettes

20143-14k-yg Three Marquise-Cut Diamonds Accented with Baguettes for .65ctw $2,055.00

1.13ctw Diamond Wedding Set

94649-14k-wg 1.13ctw Diamond Wedding Set $2,999.00

1ctw Marquise Diamond Set

38567-14k-wg 1ctw Marquise Center Marquise & Round Diamonds Carved Band $2,675.00

Vintage .25ct Diamond .25ctw Ruby

31021-14k-wg Vintage .25ct Diamond .25ctw Ruby Engagement $1,895.00

.55ctw Diamond Engagement Ring

021127-14k-yg .55ctw Diamond Engagement Ring $call for price

1ctw Diamond 3-Stone Engagment

021126-14k-wg 1ctw Diamond 3-Stone Engagement Ring $call for price

.75ctw Diamond Engagement Ring

021108-14k-wg .75ctw Diamond Engagement Ring $call for price

.43ct Diamond Wedding Set

021118-14k-tt .43ct Round Brilliant Cut Solitaire in 14k White Gold with 14k Yellow Gold Matching Band - $3,995.00

.75ctw Diamond Wrap

98079b-14k-yg .75ctw Diamond Wrap Round & Tapered Baguettes $3,695.00 Diamond Solitaire Sold Separately see 98079a

1ct Princess Diamond .50ctw Diamond Accents

041435-1ct Princess Diamond with .50ctw Round & Baguette Accents $4,650.00

1ctw Diamond Wedding Set

24358-14k-yg 1ctw Diamond Wedding Set 60ct Solitaire with .40ctw Diamonds $3,940.00

.50ctw Diamond Engagement Ring

04122-14k-yg .50ctw Diamond Engagement Ring $1,400.00

.55ct Princess Cut Solitaire

021116-14k-yg .55ct Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement $1.900.00

1.30ctw Engagement Ring

05769-14k-yg 1.30ctw Engagement Ring .70ct Round Brilliant Cut Center & .60ctw Accent Diamonds $4,556.00

.56ct Diamond .40ctw Diamonds

041417-14k-yg .56ct Round Diamond .40ctw Pink Tourmalines $3,999.00

.88ct RBC Diamond & .25ctw Trillions

31231-14k-yg .88ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond with .25ctw Trillions call for price

.62ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

20552-14k-yg .62ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring $1,799.00 We have more solitaires in stock, including fancy & antique cuts to choose from.

.95ctw Diamond Wedding Set

31609-14k-yg .65ct Round Brilliant Cut Center with .30ctw Trillions $3,499.00 Wedding Set

Moissanite Solitaire CZ Accents

15920-14k-wg Moissanite Solitaire with CZ Accents .50ctw $799.00

1.01ct European Cut Solitaire

41079-14k-yg 1.01ct European Cut Diamond Solitaire $7,894.00

.85ct Heart Cut Solitaire

30041-14k-wg .85ct Heart Cut Diamond Solitaire with .50ctw Diamond Accents $6,500.00

.40ct Pear Cut Diamond Solitaire

30623-14k-wg .40ct Pear Cut Diamond with .15ctw Diamond Accents $1,800.00

.75ctw Diamond Engagement

12315-14k-wg .75ctw Diamond Engagement Ring $2,999.00

.65tcw Diamond Engagement Ring

64546-14k-yg .46ct Pear Diamond Solitaire with .19tcw Diamonds $2,059.00

.90ctw 3-Stone Marquise Engagement

30746-14k-wg .90ctw 3-Stone Marquise Diamonds $3,300.00

.75ct Rear Solitaire Diamond Accents

041441-14k-yg .75ct Pear Solitaire with Diamond Accents $2,250.00

1.15ctw Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

021123-14k-wg .66ct Round Cut Diamond with Diamond Halo & Accent Diamonds 1.15ctw $5,054.00

Antique .75ctw Engagement

23142-14k-yg Antique .75ctw Diamond 3-Stone Engagement $2,595.00

Antique .25ctw Diamond

24429-18k-wg Antique .25ct Diamond Engagement $2,200.00

.67ctw Diamond Antique-Style

20653-14k-rg .67ctw Diamond 3-Stone Antique-Style Engagement $1,600.00

.61ct Diamond Antique Engagement

14215-14k-wg Antique .61ct Diamond Engagement $3,200.00

.50ctw Diamond Engagement

24313-14k-tt .50ctw Diamond Engagement $1,899.00

Antique Diamond Filigree

93227-14k-wg Antique 3-Diamond Filigree $1,265.00

.52ct Round Brilliant Diamond

30340-14k-yg .52ct Round Brilliant Diamond Solitaire $1,469.00

Antique .50ct Diamond Engagement

53434-18k-wg Antique .50ct Diamond Euro Engagement $4,500.00

Antique 1890's Diamond Engagement

25323-14k-ss Antique 1890's Diamond Engagement $2,800.00

.60ct Round Brilliant Diamond

30502-14k-yg .60ct Round Brilliant Diamond Solitaire $2,600.00

.38ctw Diamond Semi-mount Engagement

80136-14k-yg .38ctw Diamond Semi-mount Engagement Ring $1,395.00

Semi-mount Engagement .50ctw Diamond

84602-14k-yg Semi-mount Engagement with Matching Wedding Ring .50ctw Baguettes $1,699.00

.30ctw Diamond Semi-mount Engagment

75804-14k-yg .30ctw Dimaond Semi-mount Engagement $895.00

.25ctw Diamond Semi-mount Engagement

75944-14k-yg .25ctw Diamond Semi-mount Engagement $1,250.00

.25ctw Diamond Semi-mount Engagement

74449-14k-tt .25ctw Diamond Semi-mount Engagement Ring $1,405.00 Shown with Complimentary Diamond Wedding Band No. 75540 Sold Separately

.60ctw Diamond Semi-Mount

09681-14k-yg Semi-mount with .60ctw Diamonds $1,490.00

14k Yellow Gold Semi-Mount

021105-14k-yg 14kt Yellow Gold Semi-Mount Solitaire $940.00

14kt Yellow Gold Semi-Mount

021110-14k-yg 14kt Yellow Gold Solitaire Semi-Mount $940.00