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1.90ct Pear Aquamarine Retro

022424-14k-wg 1.90ct Pear Aquamarine Retro Setting $1,986.00

Pacific Ocean Blue Mabe Pearl

23312-14k-yg Pacific Ocean Blue Mabe Pearl $1,735.00

Mabe Pearl Colored Diamonds

021130-14k-yg Mabe Pearl Colored Diamonds $2,778.00

Glacier Gray Mabe Pearl

22126-14k-yg Glacier Gray Mabe Pearl call for price

Cultured Pearl Diamond By-Pass Ring

21859-14k-wg Cultured Pear Diamond By-Pass $1,197.00

Chocolate Pearl Rose Gold

32928-14k-rg Chocolate Pearl Diamonds 14k Rose Gold $1,495.00

Dusty Rose Mabe Pearl

50704-14k-yg Dusty Rose Mabe Pearl call for price

Carved Tahitian Pearl with Diamond

84217-14k-yg Carved Tahitian Pearl Diamond $1,600.00

Iridescent Slate Gray Pearl

24314-14k-yg Iridescent Slate Gray Mabe Pearl $1,369.00

South Sea Pearl Floral Setting

75838-14k-yg South Sea Pearl $975.00

Turquoise with Pearl Halo

40518-14k-yg Turquoise Cabochon Pearl Halo $1,165.00

Tahitian Pearl with Diamonds

04814-14k-wg Tahitian Pearl with Diamonds $2,200.00

Cultured Pearl Vintage Style Setting

25851-14k-yg Cultured Pearl $1,275.00

Pearl Set in Rose Blossom

25738-14k-yg Pearl Set in Rose Blossom $1,450.00

Akoya Pearls with Diamonds

33003-14k-yg Akoya Pearls Diamonds $1,100.00

2.50ct Moissanite London Blue Topaz

83674-14k-yg 2.50ct Light Blue Moissanite London Blue Topaz $3,829.00

17.8ct Amethyst

012719 -14k-yg 17.8ct Amethyst $3,200.00

15.7ct Amethyst

012712 -14k-wg 15.7ct Amethyst $1,740.00

Large Oval Faceted Citrine

15406-14k-yg Oval Faceted Citrine $1,218.00

28.10ct Ametrine

71611-14k-yg 28.10ct 20.5mm Ametrine $5,920.00

10.30ct Color Change Zultanite

05304-14k-yg 10.30ct Color Change Zultanite $1,970.00

Chrome Diopside Etruscan Band

04790-14k-yg Chrome Diopside Etruscan Band $1,285.00

1.86ct Moissanite .12ctw Diamonds

11354-14k-tt 1.86ct Moissanite .12ctw Diamonds $3,444.00

8.50ct Zultanite

03695-14k-yg 8.50ct Zultanite $1,849.00

Amethyst with .25ctw Diamonds

012713 -14k-wg Amethyst with .25ctw Diamonds $1,755.00

.50ctw Diamond Ring

05017-18k-yg .50ctw Diamond Ring VS1 - G H $3,070.00

2ct Marquise Moissanite

05302-14k-tt 2ct Marquise Moissanite 14k Rose & White Gold $1,783.00

Swiss Blue Topaz with Diamonds

47454-14k-wg Swiss Blue Topaz with Diamonds $848.20

Amethyst Cabochon

012722-14k-yg TE Amethyst Cabochon Free Form Gold $1,195.00

Amethyst 3-Stone 6.2gr

012723-14k-yg TE Amethyst 3-Stone $795.00 6.2gr

Amethyst .75ctw Baguette Diamonds

012720-14k-yg Amethyst .75ctw Diamond Baguettes $2,589.00

10mm Rose Cut Citrine

76779-14k-yg 10mm Rose Cut Citrine $819.00

5.40ct Citrine with Diamonds

12113-14k-yg 5.40ct Citrine with Diamonds $2,979.00

3.92ct Blue Zircon .10ctw Diamonds

66860-14k-wg 3.92 Blue Zircon with .10ctw Diamonds $2,115.00

1.9ct Moissanite Teal

75332-14k-yg 1.9ct Moissanite Teal Color $2,350.00

Oval Amethyst .30ctw Diamonds

012704 - 14k-yg Oval Amethyst .30ctw Diamonds $1,488.00

2.81ct Golden Tourmaline

72695-14k-yg 2.81ct Golden Tourmaline $2,346.00

5.70 Fancy Cut Prasiolite

79795-14k-yg 5.70ct Prasiolite Fancy Cut $1,795.00

1.90ct Aquamarine East/West

022423-14k-wg 1.90ct Aquamarine East/West Set $1,935.00

5.85ct Lightning RidgeOpal

66217-14k-yg 5.85ct Lightning Ridge Opal $5,979.00

11.58ct Ruby Ornate Setting

45648-14k-yg 11.58ct Ruby $2,825.00

3.87ct Rhodolite Garnet

85455-14k-yg 3.87ct Rhodolite Garnet $2,443.00

12x10 Emerald & Diamonds

73424-14kwg 12x10mm Natural Emerald Diamonds $2,399.00 Enhanced

4.50ct Blue Spinel

01121-14k-wg 4.50ct Blue Spinel $1,199.00

Blue Topaz with 1.04ctw Diamonds

95429-14k-wg Blue Topaz with 1.04ctw Diamonds $3,775.00

4.33ct Aquamarine .60ctw Diamonds

022422-14k-yg 4.33ct Aquamarine .60ctw Diamonds $2,590.00

Amethyst .10ctw Diamonds

012707-14k-yg Amethyst .10ctw Diamonds $1,269.00

Gem Quality Amethyst Diamond Halo

012714 -14k-wg 10x8mm Gem Quality Amethyst 1ctw Diamond Halo $2,500.00

2.11ct Blue Zircon 1ctw Diamond

21388-14k-wg 2.11ct Blue Zircon 1ctw Diamond $3,889.00

8.36ct Chatham Sapphire & Diamonds

63515-14k-wg 8.36ct Chatham Purple Sapphire .60ctw Diamonds $6,385.00

Blue Zircon Leaf Design Setting

88842-14k-yg Blue Zircon $2,110.00

Amethyst Faceted Pear Cut

012703-14k-yg Amethyst $875.00

Amethyst with .40ctw Dimaond Halo

012708 -14k-wg Amethyst with .40ctw Diamonds $1,425.00

Amethyst .25ctw Diamond

012721-14k-yg Amethyst & .25ctw Diamond $2,238.00

16x12mm Amethyst

012718-14k-yg 16x12mm Amethyst $699.00

2.58ct Morganite .25ctw Diamond

96531-14k-rg 2.58ct Morganite .25ctw Diamond Halo $3,466.00 Rose Gold

Amethyst with .50ctw Diamonds

012711-14k-wg Amethyst with .50ctw Diamonds $2,475.00

Custom Amethyst & Diamond

012702-14k-yg 20x14mm Gem Quality Amethyst .75ctw Diamonds $4,800.00

Blue Topaz with .10ctw Diamond

14539-14k-yg Blue Topaz with .10ctw Diamonds $935.00

Amethyst & Diamonds

012717-14k-wg Amethyst & Diamond Filigree $1,076.00

3.78ct Blue Zircon .20ctw Diamonds

99138-14k-wg 3.78ct Blue Zircon .20ctw Diamonds $2,235.00

Amethyst Rose Gold

012709-14k-rg Amethyst Scroll Design $1,690.00 Rose Gold

Irish Claddagh with Heart Amethyst

012705-14k-wg Irish Claddagh Amethyst Heart $485.00

Blue Topaz & Amethyst

89043-14k-yg Blue Topaz & Amethyst Etruscan Band $1,489.00

Garnet & Citrine with Diamonds

15740-14-yg Garnet & Citrine Diamond Accents $1,499.00

Mozambique Garnet & Orange Diamonds

40781-14k-yg Mozambique Garnet Orange Diamonds $1,368.00

Rhodolite Garnet

02908-14k-yg Rhodolite Garnet $1,325.00

Garnet Signet Style

10414-14k-yg Garnet Signet Style $1,499.00

Rhodolite Garnet

37705-14k-yg Rhodolite Garnet $948.00

Rhodolite Garnet

21010-14k-yg Rhodolite Garnet $1,479.00

Pink Zircon Rose Gold

74037-14k-rg Pink Zircon call for price Rose Gold

9.94ct Pink Kunzite Rose Gold

27135 - 14k-rg 9.94ct Pink Kunzite $1,990.00 Rose Gold

Garnet Diamond Ring

220226-14k-yg Garnet Diamond Ring $2,329.00

Garnet Marquise Cut

09218-14k-wg Garnet Marquise Cut $610.00

Garnets in Bloom

30023-14k-yg Garnets in Bloom $899.00

Spessarite Garnet Floral

42734-14k-wg Spessarite Garnet $839.00

2.50ct Tanzanite

14232-14k-tt 2.50ct Tanzanite .20ctw Diamonds $4,862.00

3.78ct Swiss Blue Topaz

71195-14k-yg 3.78ct Swiss Blue Topaz $1,525.00

Garnet Etruscan Style

25926-14k-yg Garnet Etruscan $399.00

.91ct Tanzanite

24708-14-yg .91ct Tanzanite $1,465.00

1.12ct AAA London Blue Topaz

24448-14k-yg 1.12ct AAA London Blue Topaz Diamonds $3,885.00

6.44ct Kunzite

22925-14k-wg 6.44ct Kunzite Leaves call for price

Garnet 5-Stone

10451-14k-yg Garnet 5-stone $599.00

Ametrine with .24ctw Diamonds

12359-14k-yg Ametrine .24ctw Diamonds $2,875.00

2.15ct Tanzanite

24555-14k-wg 2.15ct Tanzanite $2,980.00

1.35ct Tanzanite Flower

25920-14k-wg 1.35ct Tanzanite Flower $1,955.00

12.10ct Blue Topaz

24906-14k-yg 12.10ct Blue Topaz $1,585.00

London Blue Topaz Etruscan

95113-14k-yg London Blue Topaz Diamonds Etruscan $1,370.00

Tanzanite with Diamonds

21404-14k-yg Tanzanite with Diamonds $1,769.00

Tourmaline Diamond Accents

32109-14k-yg Tourmaline & Diamonds $2,195.00

Tanzanite with Diamonds

21313-14k-wg Tanzanite & Diamonds $1,599.00

Madiera Citrine Band

56118-14k-yg Madiera Citrine Cigar Band $1,732.00

Sky Blue Topaz Diamonds

12322-14k-wg Sky Blue Topaz & Diamonds $2,988.00

13x10mm Tourmaline Diamonds

82808-14k-yg 13x10mm Pink Tourmaline with Round & Baguette Diamonds $3,699.00

12x10mm Pink Tourmaline

31857-14k yg 12x10mm Pink Tourmaline $2,199.00

33.65 Citrine with Diamonds

11512-14k-yg 33.65 Citrine with Diamonds $4,300.00


15407-14k-yg 13x11mm Citrine $1,459.00

Swiss Blue Topaz & Diamonds

31120-14k-yg Swiss Blue Topaz & Diamonds $880.00

Tanzanite & Diamond

44701-14k-wg 2ct Tanzanite & Diamonds $2,995.00

3.66ct Golden Beryl Diamonds

77063-14k-tt 3.66ct Golden Beryl & Diamonds $1,595.00

Ceylon Sapphire Etruscan Style

25834-14k-yg Ceylon Sapphires & Diamonds $3,800.00

Opal & Sapphire

52471-14k-wg Opal & Sapphire $3,448.00

2.84 Lightning Ridge Opal

15327-14k-yg 2.84ct Lightning Ridge Opal $1,950.00

1.25ctw Pink Tourmalines

43101-14k-yg 1.25ctw Pink Tourmalines $675.00

Blue Sapphire

94945-14k-tt Blue Sapphire $1,621.00

6.26ct Lightning Ridge Opal

25620-14k-yg 6.26ct Lightning Ridge Opal $3,765.00

Smokey Quartz

02265-14k-yg Smokey Quartz $1,075.00

14x12mm Citrine .16ctw Diamonds

12946-14k-yg 14x12mm Golden Citrine & .16ctw Diamonds $1,659.00

Sapphire .25ctw Diamonds

07770-14k-wg Sapphire .25ctw Diamonds $1,704.00

Citrine with Diamonds

24934-14k-yg Citrine & Diamond Accents $890.00

Opal with Blue Topaz

33105-14k-wg 1.50ct Opal with Blue Topaz Accents $1,175.00

3.01ct Opal

25203-14k-yg 3.01ct Opal $4,676.00

6.08ct Opal1ctw Diamond Halo

53528-14k-yg 6.08ct Opal with 1ct Diamond Halo $6,515.00 Solid, no backing. Diamonds SI1 - G

Golden Tourmaline .10ctw Diamonds

14096-14k-yg Golden Tourmaline .10ctw Diamonds 1,776.00

Top Golden Citrine

95913-14k-yg Top Golden Citrine $2,485.00

Opal Cabochon

88659-14k-wg Opal Cabochon $4,189.00

2.10ct Yellow Beryl .33ctw Diamonds

95357-14k-tt 2.10ct Yellow Beryl .33ctw Diamonds $2,270.00

Citrine with Diamonds

70711-14k-yg Citrine & Diamonds $$2,195.00

Opal with Diamond Halo

31255-14k-yg Opal with Diamond Halo $1,975.00

5.26ct Cognac Quartz

37707-14k-yg 5.26ct Cognac Quartz $915.00

4.60ct Lightning Ridge Opal

12616-14k-yg 4.60ct Lightning Ridge Opal $2,826.00

3.85ct Kunzite East-to-West Set

79049-14k-wg 3.85ct Kunzite East-to-West Setting $1,643.00


71180-14k-wg Monosital $1,425.00

1ct Sapphire & 1ctw Diamonds

65608-14k-wg 1ct Natural Enhanced Sapphire with 1ctw Diamonds $4,295.00

.52ctw Ruby Etruscan Band

79814-14k-yg .52ctw Ruby $2,038.00

Ruby & Diamonds

25729-14k-yg Enhanced Natural Ruby with Diamond Accents $1,960.00

2.79ct Tourmaline

93876-14k-yg 2.79ct Tourmaline $3,438.00

Purple Sapphire

24150-14k-wg Purple Sapphire $4,165.00

13.75ct Natural Enhanced Ruby

33204-14k-yg 13.75ct Natural Enhanced Ruby $2,995.00

Peridot Filigree Setting

80811-14k-yg Peridot Filigree Setting $1,100.00

Peridot Cabochon Band

00945-14k-yg Peridot Cabochon Band $1.885.00

6.55ct Monosital .20ctw Diamond

89138-14k-yg 6.55ct Monosital .20ctw Diamond $3,885.00

2.10ct Chrome Diopside

020308-14k-wg 2.10ct Chrome Diopside $1,660.00

Tourmaline & Diamonds

95100-14k-yg Tourmaline & Diamonds $1,839.00

Tourmaline Diamond Halo

22438-14k-wg Tourmaline Diamond Halo $2,240.00

Monosital Color-Change

40842-14k-yg Monosital Color Change $1,188.00 Changes from a minty green to a vibrant pink.

1.68ct Tourmaline .10ct Diamond

13802-14k-yg 1.68ct Tourmaline .10ctw Diamond $1,930.00

6.48ct Chatham Sapphire

13259-14k-wg 6.48ct Chatham Sapphire $3,895.00

Pink Star Ruby

21000-14k-rg Pink Star Ruby $599.00

6.52ct Verdelite Tourmaline

78101-14k-yg 6.52ct Verdelite Tourmaline $4,930.00

Color Change Monosital

30912-14k-wg 3ct Color Change Monosital .10ctw Diamonds $1,281.00

2.50ct Ruby Cluster

88816-14k-yg 2.50ct Ruby Cluster $5,245.00

Ruby Cabochon Retro Fan Setting

76082-14k-yg 1.05ct Ruby Cabochon $1,675.00

.65ctw Sapphires .15ctw Diamonds

71570+14k-wg .65ctw Orange Sapphires .15ctw Diamonds $1,824.00

Lapis Luzuli with .25ctw Diamonds

24445-14k-yg Lapis Lazuli .25ctw Diamonds $1,470.00

Lavender Jade Diamonds

25204-14k-yg Lavender Jade Diamond Accents $699.00

.30ctw Blue & White Diamonds

22415-14k-wg .30ctw Blue & White Diamonds $940.00

.95ct Tourmaline Bypass Setting

13602-14k-yg .95ct Tourmaline $885.00

6.50ctw Purple Sapphire & Diamonds

15121-14k-yg 6.50ct Purple Sapphire Diamonds $3,565.00

39.9ct Prasiolite

25310-14k yg 39.9ct Prasiolite $3,200.00

Rubellite & Indicolite Tourmalines

13444-14k-yg Rubellite & Indicolite Tourmalines .25ctw Diamonds $2,290.00

12.26ct Orange Sapphire

33901-14k-yg 12.26ct Orange Sapphire $3,375.00

1.47ct Peridot

115847-14k-yg 1.47ct Peridot Emerald $775.00

Cognac Quartz

41530-14k-yg Cognac Quartz Checkerboard Cut $915.00 ROS Original

Navette Filigree with Diamonds

34935-14k-yg Navette Filigree Diamonds $3,275.00

Welo Opal in Leaf Setting

25625-14k-yg Welo Opal $795.00

2.81ct Indicolite Tourmaline

71933-14k-yg 2.81ct Indicolite Tourmaline Diamonds $3,758.00

1.28ct Titanite .20ctw Diamonds

15540-14k-yg 1.28ct Titanite .20ctw Diamonds $1,315.00

London Blue Topaz & Diamonds

42810-14k-wg London BLue Topaz Diamonds $2,340.00

Rubelite & Chrome Diopside

21913-14k-rg Rubelite Tourmaline Chrome Diopside $2,880.00

Paraiba Tourmaline

41948-14k-wg Paraiba Tourmaline $799.00

2.63ct Star Ruby

15934-14k-yg 2.63ct Star Ruby $2,850.00

2.97 Pear Titanite .40ctw Diamonds

20004-14k-yg 2.97 Titanite .40ctw Diamonds $1,926.00

Lightning Ridge Opal

23010-14k-yg Lightning Ridge Opal $1,729.00

1.05ct Titanite Fancy Setting

15311-14k-yg 1.05ct Titanite $925.00

Lightning Ridge Black Opal

41111-14k-wg Lightning Ridge Black Opal $1,488.00

7.03ct Padparadscha Sapphire

34649-14k-wg 7.03 ct Padparadscha Sapphire Diamonds $4,092.00

Garnet Openwork Scroll

20645-14k-yg Garnet $1,639.00

Genuine Opal Fancy Setting

15717-14k-yg Genuine Opal $885.00

Tourmaline .50ctw Diamond Halo

25931-14k-tt Tourmaline .50ctw Diamonds $2,240.00

10x9mm Paraiba Colored Tourmaline

14723-14k-yg 10x9mm Paraiba Tourmaline $779.00 Lab Created

4.95ct Natural Sapphire Diamonds

30404-14k-yg 4.95ct Natural Diffused Sapphire Diamonds $3,400.00

Peridot & .70ctw Diamonds

74759-14k-yg Peridot .70ctw Diamonds $1,855.00

Ceylon Sapphire .50ctw

25111-14k-yg Ceylon Sapphire .50ctw $1,697.00

Cornflower Blue Sapphire

25602-14k-wg Chatham Cornflower Blue Sapphire $1,825.00

2.64ct Green Touramline

22109-14k-yg 2.64ct Green Tourmaline $2,369.00

Natural Sapphire in Floral Setting

05347-14k-wg Cornflower Blue Natural Sapphire $1,375.00

Ceylon Sapphire

11144-14k-wg Ceylon Sapphire $1,525.00

Blue Star Sapphire with Diamonds

02904-14k-yg-L Blue Star Sapphire Diamonds $695.00

Blue Star Sapphire

02951-14k-yg-L Blue Star Sapphire $429.00

6.50ct Natural Enhanced Ruby

64216-14k-yg 6.50ct Natural Ruby Enhanced $2,295.00

Blue Star Sapphire with Diamonds

04221-14kwg-L Blue Star Sapphire Diamonds $899.00

London Blue Topaz

21928-14k-wg 12x10mm London Blue Topaz $719.00

Peridot .50ctw Diamond Halo

64152-14k-tt Peridot .50ctw Diamond $995.00

Blue Star Sapphire

02355-14k-wg Blue Star Sapphire $3,600.00

Smokey Quartz with Moisannites

23836-14k-yg Smokey Quartz Moisannites $759.00

20x13mm Prasiolite Amethyst

13132-14k-yg 20x13mm Prasiolite Amethyst Oval Checkerboard-Cut $1,460.00

33.60ct Peridot Fancy Setting

63120-14-yg 33.60ct Peridot $3,710.00

Jadeite Fancy Scroll Openwork

25936-14k-yg Jadeite $950.00

6.75ct Lab Purple Sapphire

64017-14k-wg 6.75ct Lab Created Purple Sapphire $4,495.00

Celtic Knot with London Blue Topaz

64958-14k-wg London Blue Topaz Celtic Knot $299.00

4.90 Natural Sapphire & Diamonds

33326-14k-yg 4.90ct Sapphire Diamonds $3,265.00 Natural Diffused

London Blue Topaz Fancy Setting

62610-14k-yg London Blue Topaz $699.00

Created Paraiba Colored Tourmaline

75045-14k-tt Paraiba Tourmaline Sea of Life with Starfish & Crab $1,795.00

Green Tourmaline

12901-14k-yg Green Tourmaline $3,299.00

Blue Topax with .75ctw Diamonds

61042-14k-yg Topaz .75ctw Diamonds $1,955.00

14x12mm Citrine .16ctw Diamonds

63813-14k-yg 14x12mm Citrine .16ctw Diamonds $1,659.00

Purple Sapphire

02555-14k-yg Purple Sapphire $3,600.00

Diamond Leaf Design Band

80233-14k-rg Diamond 14kt Rose $870.00

Ruby & Diamonds

31847-14k-yg Ruby & Diamonds $2,695.00

Oval Onyx Ornate Setting

05217-14k-yg Onyx $849.00

Blush Pink Morganite

65346-14k-yg Blush Pink Morganite $899.00

14x6.5mm Green Tourmaline

92642-14k-yg 14x6.5mm Green Tourmaline $2,289.00

1.79ct Tourmaline .25ctw Diamonds

64049-14k-yg 1.79ct Tourmaline .25ctw Diamonds $3,599.00

Black Opal with Diamonds

54751-14k-yg Black Opal Diamonds $1,865.00

24k Coin 14k Setting

62856-14k& 24k-yg 24k Gold Coin $550.00

London Blue Topaz Cabochon

60811-14k-wg London Blue Topaz .25ctw Diamonds 2,499.00

Pink Sapphire with Diamond

13144-14kwg Pink Sapphire Diamonds $1,699.00

Ruby with Diamonds

15245-14k-yg Ruby & Diamonds $1,395.00

3.85ct Orange Sapphire & Diamonds

25955-14k-yg 3.85ct Orange Sapphire .40ctw Diamond $2,300.00

Pear Cut Citrine Acorn & Oak Leaf

90559-14k-yg 9x7mm Pear Cut Citrine Acorn & Oak Leaf $1,400.00

Madeira Citrine

14009-14k-yg 10x9mm Madeira Citrine $1,199.00

4.62ct Ruby & .80ctw Diamonds

23944-14k-yg 4.62ct Natural Ruby .80ctw Diamonds $3,899.00 Enhanced

10x8mm Lapis Lazuli & Diamonds

11853-14k-yg 10x8mm Lapis Lazuli Diamonds $2,700.00

Koi Fish Wrap Diamond Ring

95611-14k-yg Koi Fish Wrap Ring Emerald Eyes, Orange Diamonds on Scales Champagne Diamond in Mouth $1,689.00

Amethyst Etruscan Setting

012710-14k-wg Amethyst Etruscan Band $1,590.00

Blue Spinel with Diamond Halo

70326-14k-wg Blue Spinel Diamond Halo $1,450.00

122ct Madeira Citrine

93043-14k-yg 122ct Madeira Citrine $14,250.00

Pearl .26ctw Sapphire .30ctw Diamond

34348-14k-wg Pearl .26ctw Sapphires .30ctw Diamonds $2,799.00

Smokey Quartz

44309-14k-yg 12x10mm Smokey Quartz $950.00

Ladies Cross Ring

14122-14k-yg Cross with Rhodium Plated Recessed Background $900.00 Ladies ring is on the right. Men's ring on left - item No. 20202.

Iolite with .29ctw Diamonds

24729-14k-yg Iolite .29ctw Diamonds .38ctw $999.00

4mm Sapphire

32701-14k-wg 4mm Sapphire $1,525.00

Coral Cabochons Green Gold

25238-14k-gg Coral Cabochons 14kt Green Gold $795.00

10x8 Green Spinel Diamond

11425-14k-yg 10x8mm Green Spinel Diamonds $2,595.00

12x10mm Purple Sapphire

32720-14k yg 12x10mm Purple Sapphire $2,800.00

11x9mm Lavender Jade

32543-14k-yg 11x9mm Lavender Jade $895.00

London Blue Topaz with Diamonds

12515-14k-wg 10x8mm London Blue Topaz Diamonds $899.00

Sapphire & Diamonds

35137-14k-yg 7x5mm Sapphire Diamonds $779.00

9x7mm Garnet Acorn & Oak Leaf

34936-14k-yg 9x7mm Garnet Acorn & Oak Leaf $1,299.00

Retro Revival Leaf Ring - Turquoise

020309-14k-gg Retro Revival Leaf Ring with Turquoise Cabochon $863.00 Pendant Sold Separately

Iolite & Peridot Trillions Diamonds

34458-14k yg Iolite & Peridot Diamond Accents $999.00

Tourmaline Floral Ring

21602-14k-wg Tourmaline $1,299.00

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