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Original Design 10.97ct Blue Zircon 1ctw Diamond Halo 14kt Yellow & White Gold

Original Design 3.29ct Tanzanite 14kt White Gold

Kirk Smith Belt At age seven, Kirk helped his grandfather John Smith work on silver in his small work shop. By 1980 he was earning a full-time living as a silversmith. Kirk specialized in traditional Navajo jewelry set with high grade stones. His work was always top quality. He was renowned as one of the best Navajo silversmiths. Kirk passed away tragically in September 2012.

Original Design 3.92ct Blue Zircon .10ctw Diamonds 14kt White Gold

Original Design 2.12ct Tanzanite Diamond Accents 14kt Yellow Gold w/Certificate

Sam Piaso Earrings Very vintage feather & flower design. Sam Piaso's pieces are scarce and information on this artist is even harder to find. Vintage 1970s

Original Design 3.78ct Blue Zircon .20ctw Diamonds 14kt White Gold

Original Design Tanzanite 14kt White Gold

Ernest Bilagody Ring Ernest Bilagody started jewelry making by buffing the earrings his mother made. A fine silversmith for over 35 years, until his passing in 2014.

Original Design 2.11ct Blue Zircon 1ctw Diamonds 14kt White Gold

Original Design Blue Zircon Retro Leaf Setting 14kt Yellow Gold

Albert Jake Cross Albert Jake specializes in traditional set stones and cluster jewelry with intricate stamp work in the old style of the 1930's/40's.

Original Design 2.50ct Tanzanite .20ctw Diamonds 14kt Yellow Gold

Oscar Alexius Pendant Oscar Alexius is best known for helping to revive traditional, old-style jewelry. When you can find his pieces they are nice, heavy work with deep stamping.

Original Design 2ct Tanzanite Diamond Accents 14kt White Gold

Gary G Johnson Vintage Gary G Johnson cuff with large turquoise. Information on this artist is scarce and his pieces are even harder to find. This estate cuff was made prior to 2000 and is crafted in the traditional feather design.

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