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At Rod Stelter Jeweler, we are enchanted with the finely detailed craftsmanship of Native American silver and turquoise jewelry. On this page we honor the artisans in our collection with photos and information on their silver work. Heritage is important to us and we're proud to offer fine silver turquoise jewelry rich with Native American history.

Overlay - The Art of Silversmithing

Overlay designs require two layers of silver soldered together to form one piece. Each design is painstakingly cut into the top piece, which is overlaid and soldered to another solid piece of silver. This process gives the design depth and is further accentuated by using an oxidized or textured base. The polished overlay stands out in brighter contrast to the darker background. Native American cultural and spiritual designs are reflected in jewelry from the silversmiths of the 1800s to today's artists. We are proud to be a part of this experience.

We have aquired a stunning collection of overlay and turquoise jewelry direct from the artists. Come see this historic collection.

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